Sunday, February 20, 2011

How does a consumer Shop? An interview with two beautiful mystery shoppers!

Q. Do you subscriber to email newsletters from retailers?
A: I subscribe to some email newsletters. Specifically products that interest me like kids clothings - mostly I don't subscribe and visit online I have become a "shop online, don't bother to get there" type of person.

Q. Perspectives On Email newsletters:
A. Once a week email newsletters would be fine for products that I am interested in; but retailers tend to send more emails than that. So by choice I do not get on too many of them. I choose carefully!

Other comments:
- I am not a "Shop for shoppings sake" or "a hobby shopper". I tried these invitee only shopping sites and they were just not for me..
- I heard this on the radio: A guy calling in and saying - "if it is not available online, I am not buying it".
- People don't have time - and being able to get the convenience of shopping online really helps people prioritize their time.
- I don't buy baked beans - so guys stop wasting your time sending me offers on baked beans. Try sending strip steak offers instead - look into my shopping history and send me something relevant! That may interest me!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Creating Lasting Value - Part 1 of Many....

How do you define success for a product? It has a different meaning for different people. I believe creating lasting value is the true definition of a products success. It doesn't matter what the technology is - what matters are the results.

Being in a client facing role, I hear a lot of client pain stories and enjoy creating solutions that address them. Our team has successfully delivered on addressing key pain areas for our retail clients with highly innovative and cost effective solutions. This is what differentiates ExactMobi in the marketplace!

We bought in a new client yesterday and he is an early adopter and a savvy business man. He loves the ease of use, time savings and the extended reach that ExactMobi is able to offer him. Getting powerful personalized messaging to his customer base in just a few clicks is pure innovation that the ExactMobi team provides to the retail space.

ExactMobi Sales

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is Managing Customer Relationships Across 100's or 1000's of customers easy?

Customers have a lot of choices in the marketplace. How does a retailer differentiate in the marketplace. Price is never a good differentiator - leave that for the Walmarts of the world. A local merchant needs to focus on relationships and personalizing them - providing a true customer experience in the store. Many retailers we speak to our adept at managing in-store relationships with their customers. How about extending that relationship to outside the store? Well!! ExactMobi provides a simple and affordable way to do just that!

True customer engagement can be simple - just saying a "quick thank you" or reminding them if their favorite item is back in the store shelves. Most retailers just dont have the tools available to do this in a timely fashion. It is a lot to ask them to research on needs and call up a 100 people while manning the shop floor.

ExactMobi has created a simple and effective way for the retailers to do just this and much more in a few easy steps.

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